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We are a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of gastrointestinal nutrition tube, arterial indwelling needle, ultrasound developing anesthesia puncture needle, fixator, negative pressure drainage device, plasma air disinfectant machine, COVID-19 sampling tube and Personal Protective Equipment. The products are mainly used in ICU, gastrointestinal surgery, anesthesiology and other departments. We established a good scientific and technological innovation cooperation relationship with key universities and their affiliated hospitals. All products have independent innovation intellectual property rights. At present, it has applied for several invention patents and nearly 20 utility model patents. The company adheres to the road of independent and innovation and strives to become the innovation leader of medical consumables in the world. During the epidemic, the company actively participated in the global anti epidemic, and has obtained the registration certificate of disposable medical mask / medical surgical mask, medical isolation eye mask and medical isolation mask. The company has several production lines of medical protective masks (N95) andKN95 masks. The products haveGB2626, EN149 and REACH test reports. The company has TUV CE and ISO13485 certificates. All medical protective products can be successfully exported all over the world. At present, the production capacity can reach 2 million pieces / day. All products are produced in clean workshop and can meet the test standards of the United States and the European Union. Looking forward to the future, we are willing to join hands with agents, dealers, and other practitioners of medical devices and protective articles all over the world to jointly promote the new development of medical consumables in the world and contribute more to the progress of human society.